A Warrior Cat Venture RPG. 

Your Adventure begins here.  

Welcome to Warrior Cat Venture RPG (or WCV) where you can venture into the World of the Warriors, Rogues and Tribe Cats...on your own or with a Clan. Please read the rules before continuing your adventure.


This is the Site's Chatbox. Do not spam or advertise on here, please. Advertise only where is says "advertise," and nowhere else. Thank you.

The WCA Rules.

~Respect the Staff and

take their warnings and advice seriously. 

~Respect all members. If you are arguing/ being disrespectful, I will give you one warning, then ban you.

~ No swearing. Not including

"Foxdung, mousebrain etc." Don't risk yourself getting banned or becoming a limited member.

~Please roleplay properly.

Not: *Paws a fish over to

Sootpaw.* NUUUUUU!

But: Dawnheart pawed a fish

over to Sootpaw. 

~Try, try, try making your roleplay more than one sentence! Be creative! :3 I know you can do it!

~Do your best on your spelling and grammer in the Roleplay. The texting-language goes in chatbox only.

~No God-modding. (No controlling other people's characters.) 

Keep it PG/PG13 (with the whole mate thing), or I will have to delete your posts and give you a warning. This site is for all age-groups, and it's kid-friendly.

Roleplay and look what a 

Warrior cat would look like.

(No fireworks shooting out of tails, wings, bright purple eyes, etc.)

~ If you have a highrank (Leader/Deputy/Medcat, you must be on at least 3 times a week, unless you give notice to me, or I might give that rank to someone else.

 ~Even if you don't have a high rank- Please try to stay active. I allow you to have more than one cat, but you must keep all of them somewhat- active.

~Be nice. (Absolutely no hate mail, don't argue too much in the OOC.) This is the simple rule that makes a roleplay site s fun.

~Make the RP Warrior Cat 

related, unless it is under the

"free roleplay/discussion."

~Most important rule:

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!

The Clans


Darkclan (aka shadowclan in the books)~

The clan of the 

strong-willedfierce and


Forestclan (aka Thunderclan in the books)~

The clan of the loyal,

  considerate and brave.

Rippleclan (aka Riverclan in the books) ~

The clan of the cunning,

enthusiastic and adventurous.

Breezeclan (aka Windclan in the books)~

The clan of the honest, patient

and determined.

Or are you not a Clan

Cat?... There is a place for you as well.

Are you a Rogue, malicious or

mysterious? Or simply looking

for a clan, yet not having found the right one yet? Do you have group, planning to take over the forest?

Or are you a Loner, the truly free one? Maybe you are as well, still looking for a clan? Don't worry, there are things to do before you find one, too.

Or perhaps, you are the cat who no one dares mess with? Perhaps you are a Tribe Cat?

Do you belong alone as a rogue? A loner?

Or do you prefer to be with other cats? In a clan? A tribe?

The Site Staff:

Site owner: Frost

(Site staff Spots Can Still be Filled!

Please do not ask me- I might appoint them myself if I see members are active and roleplay properly.)