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The Cats of Windclan



~Medicine Cat~

~Medicine Cat Apprentice~

~Medicine Cat Apprentice~

~Senior Warriors~
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Foxpaw is a swift, eager but slightly hot-tempered Windclan apprentice, with a ginger and white pelt and hazel eyes. She is loyal, and can be funny and sarcastic when she's in a good mood, but on the other occasion she prefers to spend time by herself, focusing on her training.

Mentor: None yet

(...none so far...)

(...none so far...)

This is the Clan Chatbox! (Any clan discussions~Not for the actual Roleplaying) *Note: Other clans share the same chatbox, just on different pages.

Windclan's Info:

The rolling moorland provides quite a bit of prey for Windclan during hard times. These determined, tough cats come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but many are grey or brown. though most are quite agile. After all, they hunt rabbits and land animals that have a tendancy to run away. Of course, they are no match for windclanners who are considered to be the fastest of all the cats. On the other side of the Windclan territory is the other side of the Riverclan river, though Windclan cats do not fish. 

The Personality of Most Windclanners: Windclanners are quick-witted as well as brave and fiercely-loyal. They are tough and are often closer to Starclan than other clans. Though Windclan cats do not usually purposely start battles with other clans, they are quite easy to offend.

Season: Late New leaf

Border: Windclan, you share a border with Shadowclan (along the thunderpath) and Riverclan (along the river).

Windclan's Current Weather: Grim. Cloudy and windy. 

Current Clan Relations: All Clans are Peaceful.

Prey: Windclan's main prey are rabbits and hares.

Current Prey Status: Enough to survive, but they prey has been wandering into Shadowclan's territory lately for unknown reasons. There has been no rain for a while, but you can count on the river for water.

Windclan Cats like to sleep under the open Silverpelt, where they can see the stars and breathe iin the fresh air. Their camp is a Marshland.

These are the dens Windclan Cats go into when there is rain. The nursery is always in this type of den, and the Medicine Cat keeps his/her herbs in there.