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  -The Cats of Darkclan-
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Sootstar is a 32 moon old,mysterious, large tom with jet-black fur and haunting yellow eyes with long scarrs on the left side of both his paws and muzzle. He is a wise and at times sly leader who does what he thinks is best for his Clan. He is kind to those who respect him, but if you get on his badside: you might as well become a loner for the rest of your life. Sootstar can get irritated, but his patience to certain things like training is amazing. Sootstar was Darkclan's strongest warrior. He got his scarr in a battle with Skull, his brother, killing the murderous leader of the Red Eyes.


(Position Available)

~Medecine Cat~

(Position Available)

~Medecine Cat Apprentice~

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~Senior Warriors of Darkclan~

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~Warriors of Darkclan~

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~Apprentices of Darkclan~

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~Darkclan Queens~

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~Darkclan kits~

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Recent Ceremonies


Important Stuff

~Darkclan Needs more Warriors!

High Positions that Need to be Filled

-Darkclan Needs a Deputy.

-Darkclan Needs a Medecine Cat.

-Darkclan Needs a Medecine Cat Apprentice.

Darkclan Info:

Welcome to Darkclan. Why are they called this? Perhaps because of their territory, which is a forest with quite a bit of pine, shadows, and a lot of darkness. Maybe, because of their pelt, which is normally black or dark to blend into the shadows. Or perhaps it is their personality: Mysterious, sly, proud and fearless. In all...their reputation is dark. Decide for yourself.

Season: It is late Newleaf!

Border: Darkclan, you share a border with Forestclan and Breezeclan. Both are along the thunderpath.

Current Weather: A bit cloudy, but they aren't rain clouds. Warm. No sign of rain.

Current Clan Relations: All Clans are peaceful.

Current Prey Status : A lot of prey, mainly because Breezeclan's hares and rabbits have been wandering into Darkclan territory more than usual, for unknown reasons. However, there is a drought- the normally steady rainfall is not frequent this newleaf, not providing you with too much water.

Prey: Darkclan Cats aren't too picky, though they will not eat crowfood. A darkclanner's diet usually consists of amphibians and reptiles, such as frogs and lizards. Darkclanners also eat mice, voles, squirrels and birds. 


Danger: No rain lately. Careful with that water supply.

The Darkclan Camp is a well-hidden hollow.The camp is surrounded with a lot of prickly brambles, and the entrance is a little path. Pretty hard not to notice an intruder this way, isn't it?


Leaders Den- located beneath the roots of a huge oak tree. What were you thinking? Sootstar needs to rest too, of course. Feel free to visit him here!

This is what the Darkclan warrior's den is made of. The material looks uncomfortable, doesn't it? Well, don't be fooled. The inside is made of soft moss, providing a comfortable resting area protected by brambles for the warriors.

The Darkclan Apprentice den. The entrance looks tiny...half of it is covered by hanging twigs, mean to cover some of it up.

Ah, the Highrock! The place where Sootstar can adress the other cats. When he says: "May all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath the highrock for a clan meeting," he means buisness. Propped against the highrock is another boulder, which serves as the entrance to the medicine cat den.

The entrance to Darkclan's Medicine Cat den, serving as a giant boulder. How did it get into camp? No one knows. It's been there forever.

The nursery is a large den (a hollow), sheilded by a thorn bush. After all, imagine the poor queens, having to live in a small den with so many overly-hyper kits.

The elder den is all soft moss, but normally most of the entrance is covered with brambles. It is comfortable, and the floor is lined with fresh moss and pine needles every four days by the apprentices.