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The Cats of Forestclan


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~Medecine Cat~

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~Medecine Cat Apprentice~

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~Senior Warriors~

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Birchtail is a pretty brown, ginger and white shecat with intense, light green eyes. She is kind and thoughtful, but can also be loud and fun-loving when she's in the mood. She likes spending most of her time hunting, but enjoys being with her clanmates, as well. She has no mate, but she would like one someday.

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Forestclan's Info

Beautiful, right? Yep...that's Thunderclan's territory alright. Of course, the cats have learned to shelter from any rain that happens here. After all, they are pretty courageous and resourceful. Their pelts come in a variety of colors, which doesn't matter, since basically anything can blend into their territory (except perhaps white pelts). Which of course, also means that their prey has a good time blending in, too. But the good 'ol thunderclanners have learned to adapt, and are very skilled in hunting land animals, or even birds.

Season: It is late Newleaf.

Border: Forestclan, you share a border with Rippleclan (along the river) and Darkclan (along a thunderpath.)

Current Weather in Thunderclan: Sunny but a bit chilly.

Current Prey Status: High amount of prey in the forest, but the freshkill pile nees to be stocked.

Prey: A thunderclan cat's main prey are voles, mice, squirrels and sometimes rabbits. They also hunt birds- magpies, blackbirds, starlings, thrushes and wood pigeons.

The Thunderclan Camp is protected by thornbushes and brambles, making it hard to attack, but sunshine does come in.  A thunderclanner gets into the camp through a gorse tunnel. 

The Thunderclan Camp

The Thunderclan Leader's den was carved out by an antient stream, providing a very comfortable place, especially if it rains.

A crack in the rock pile leads to the Medecine Cat den, which is quite large- large enough to store herbs and place the sick cats.

The Thunderclan Warrior's Den is something of a bush, that the cats added on to to create a den. The floor of is layered with moss and pine needles.


A clump of ferns behind a tree stump built as a den serves as the Thunderclans Apprentice den, where apprentices rest and sleep. The nests inside are made out of ferns and soft moss. The apprentices are in charge of changing their own nests as well as the elder's.

The Thunderclan Nursery is very, very comfortable. Soft moss layers the floor, and the entrance is normally covered with brambles, providing a warm and cozy place for the queens and kits.

The Thunderclan Elder den is made of branches, brambles, ferns and the like. It is thick and sturdy and the floor is comfortably lined with pine needles and moss.