A Warrior Cat Venture RPG. 

Your Adventure begins here.  

Ashka [Ash] is a rogue. She's nothing special...or so it seems. She's been everywhere, seen everything. She's got eyes and ears in Bloodclan, and the tribes...anyway, this is the cat you go to in order to find out some secrets, seek help or advice. She's got connections an ordinary cat can't dream of. That's because everyone owes her something. So travel to her, seek her help... but who knows what's on her mind? Cats might say she's a bit crazy, but that's her sister you're thinking of. She lives on the outskirts of the tribe territory, the place most cats don't dare venture to. They say that a simple cat won't survive a day out there. But if you need something, believe me, Ashka will have it. If she sees you, that is. If she doesn't...

...Well, just don't end up on the wrong side of her claws. It could cost you your life.

Murk, the rogue who lives in the abandoned twoleg place at the edge of Windclan's territory. He's friendly, in good relationship with Windclan. His mate, Dustflower, was in the clan. He left Shadowclan to be with her. Became a loner, scared Windclan would reject him...and she would go to visit him with the kits. Then she died. Greencough. So did all the kits. Murk used to be cunning: a clever, knowing cat. Used to be dangerous. Now he is only quiet and depressed. When you look at him, it looks as if the life has been sucked right out. In honor of Dustflower's memory, however, he travels to Windclan at times, leaving bits of prey and things, hoping to do them a favor of some sort. Even though Windclan doesn't find this too charming. However, there is an advantage to all this: He constantly watches the border for them.