A Warrior Cat Venture RPG. 

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The Cats Of brookclan



~Medecine Cat~

~Medecine Cat Apprentice~

~Senior Warriors of Riverclan~
(...None so far...)

~Warriors of Riverclan~
(...None so far...)

~Apprentices of Riverclan~

~Queens of Riverclan~
(...None so far...)

~Kits of Riverclan~
(...NOne so far...)




-Medecine Cat

-Medecine Cat Apprentice

Riverclan's Info

See the silver tabby cat standing there by the water, their paw swiping at it? Yep, that's probably a Rippleclan Warrior fishing to feed their clan. Of course, fishing isn't the only skill Riverclan Warriors have. They can also swim! Ever seen a cat swimming? Well, there you go. A Rippleclanner can always try something other cats can't seem to do, and excel at it.

Season: It is late Newleaf

Border: Riverclan, you share a border with Windclan and Thunderclan. They are along the river.

Current Weather: Warm and sunny.

Current Clan Relations: All clans are peaceful.

Prey Status: Currently, lots of fish but a little amount of mice. Looks like riverclanners will have full bellies of their favorite food for the moon.

Prey: Riverclanners eat mostly fish, but they may also eat mice,  shrews and water-voles.

Danger: Lots of fish Riverclan, but it looks like you'll have to share it with twolegs. Because of the many fish this newleaf, there have been more twolegs than usual. Be careful. Your camp hasn't been discovered yet, so keep that up...you wouldn't want to have to move.

Riverclan's camp is full of streams and lush trees. It is on a well-drained island that is surrounded by water and reeds.The river comes extremely close to the nursery, so the kits can learn to swim and come in contact with water at an early age. Most of the dens in camp are also made out of reeds.

Riverclan's Camp

This is the Riverclan's Leader den. Quite large and comfortable, actually.

The Riverclan Warriors den is right next to the nursery...perhaps so the kits keep quiet in fear and so thdey can keep an eye out to make sure the nursery doesn't float away...

The riverclan apprentice den is made of reeds and twigs. It is next to the leader's and elder's den.

The Riverclan Medcat den is well protected by stones, with a dry place to store herbs.

The Nursery is made is a nest of brambles that is located next to the Warrior's den. The walls are built very thickly.

The Riverclan Medicine Cat den is located in the place hardest for the water to reach. The medicine cat stores their herbs in a very dry seperate place close to the den.

The Riverclan Elder den is comfortable, and during floods does not get carried off.